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Mar 9, 2013 10:00am EST
, senator john mccain. [applause] >> they are excited about john. >> next to senator john mccain, a man who was inside the israeli military the status with for 40 years. he has participated in two non- proliferation operations on behalf of israel, the first of which was as a young pilot in 1981. he was a pilot into being is ready operation. please help me welcome general amos yadlin. [applause] >> and a distinguished member of the u.s. armed services committee who played a key role in helping to combat anti-israel said the man at the united nations in a number of roles through the senate. please help me welcome kirsten gillibrand. >> senator mccain, i want to start with you. iran is on everybody's mind. what can the united states do working together to deal with iran and prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capabilities? >> thank you and thank you all for the warm welcome. what a great honor it is to be with general yadlin. we once through the same type of airplane. the difference is he used to shoot people down and i got shot down. i have watched a number of senators come to the uni
Mar 7, 2013 4:30am PST
and they have a together state tores just a few blocks from the white house. john mccain was one of those invited and said it was fine. according to the white house, john mccain paid for his own dinner out of his own pocket. >>> we will talk about it later on and it may affect traffic as well, sal, what is it looking like out there? >> you are absolutely right, it look good now as we are watching people head to the hp pavilion for the memorial. it will remain there and the truck is loaded down with pet food and the chp says it appears the driver fell asleep and the truck went 40 feet down the embankment. 4:38 this is a look at traffic as we look to the macarthur, the bay bridge toll plaza is nice and it is a nice looking drive so far. 280 traffic is off to a good start. >>> most of the bay area is starting out on the dry side. it is just outside the bay area to the south and our next system is offshore at closer inspection, they are moving on, this is the bulk of the rainfall that will be moving onto the region. as far as current temperatures we have a cold start and temperatures are drop
Mar 8, 2013 8:00pm PST
washington hotel if you watched from the white house, about dozen republicans invited by john mccain and lindsay graham, the president's them in cease. and then the next day the president had lunch with paul ryan. what is happening? what is going on in washington that's shifting this from what we've seen before which is basically people yelling at each other from opposite sides of pennsylvania avenue? >> even though president obama obviously won the election, the republicans have dug in so hard especially on this income tax issue that we were talking about earlier. and i think to some degree the democrats were taken by surprise. for example when you had that fiscal cliff fight that was right at the owned the year, in fact, it went into january 1, president obama was in a position to take a larger revenue increase if he really wanted to. he chose not to. he dialed it down a little bit thinking there would be more down the line. i think he's taking a somewhat different approach, well, let's try to reach out more, to have more conversation with members. he has tried this before. i mean,
Mar 8, 2013 8:00am PST
about. >> senators john mccain and lindsey graham's scathing response to paul's nearly 13-hour -- >> i thought it was rather insulting for the way that these gentlemen responded to this. >> your words, senator, john mccain and senator lindsey graham fighting vehemently to defend president obama's policy. it was a little disorienting. >> joining me right now is senator bernie sanders of vermont, a member of the senate budget committee. sir, good to have you here. we start with what politico is putting out as the headline. grand bargain back with a question mark. we look at what paul ryan said after lunch with the president, where i think hope is being borne from. everyone needs to be part of this conversation. we need an open debate about how best to balance the budget and expand opportunities. so, sir, outside of the lines of the continuing resolution coming out of the house side. what you month would you guesstimate that we mae get the grand bargain? >> the issue is not the grand bargain. the issue is what's in the grand bargain. when you have growing inequality, 100% of all new incom
FOX News
Mar 8, 2013 12:00pm PST
. >>> center john mccain will join us late are for his first appearance on televisionsons he took to the noor of the senate yesterday. we'll get his continued take on the controversy trial, and we will ask him's his blasting senator rand paul and his filibuster. mccain's first television appearance in either case. what we have here is a split in the republican party. make no mistake. what the republicans are trying to do is define. thes in a post iraq and afghanistan war world. trying to make it so that they can win national elections again and there's a bat for the soul of the party. john mccain is part of the battle and we'll talk about it in just a few minutes. >> first, the unemployment rate hit a low we haven't seen in years. and that has sent stocks to new record territory. every day a new record. would you look at it? that ammunition for you. if you keep hearing from everybody, everything is awful, hand them this. because it's not. >> shepard: big gains in the job market as wall street continues a winning streak to beat them all. a quick look at the dow, heading for its sixth straight
FOX News
Mar 7, 2013 6:00pm PST
was pretty disappointed in john mccain. i want to show you, john mccain didn't excoriate eric holder, he went after rand paul. watch this. >> i don't think that what happened yesterday is helpful to the american people, to allege that the united states of america, our government would drop a drone hell-fire missile on jane fonda. that -- that is -- that brings the conversation from a serious discussion about u.s. policy to the realm of the ridiculous. >> sean: very misguided to me. he should have been questioning eric holder and why eric holder didn't say fl flatly said today, no, the answer is no, you can't do it. >> what i find sad about senator mccain's recent comments, both to ted cruz when ted cruz was frankly rising legitimate questions, and again yesterday with rand paul is when i first knew john mccain in the house, he was a maverick, in the senate for years, he was a maverick. of anybody in the senate i didn't know anybody better at bucking the leadership and marching to his own drummer. i think it's unfortunate, but frankly, it doesn't hurt ted cruz, it doesn't hurt rand paul, it hu
Mar 8, 2013 7:00pm EST
about the use of drones overseas and here in america. and john mccain went ballistic. so did his pal lindsey graham. but john mccain starts walling them wacko and wacko birds. the people that were around rand paul around that. mike leigh, ted cruz. is there a change now? is john mccain too far out there and this is the new group that's going to run the senate and the gop? >> i don't know. i like rand paul. he's a very intelligent guy. he made some good points. but he does look -- i hate to say, he can look a little nutty. and anytime anybody talks for 12 hours you're going to look nutty. and it's the old guard who have been ineffective. they've lost the white house. listening to them for the last couple of elections. there's this new guard who i don't think has really accomplished much of anything. you get the middle guard. the middle guard are guys like chris christie. governors, mcdonnell in virginia. governors who have really accomplished things. and those are who we should be listening to. those should be the models for the gop. >> blake, let me ask you the same question. want to
Mar 8, 2013 7:00am EST
, this is ridiculous. this is not a football game. this is people's lives. they moved the football. i see john mccain, with a picture of snoopy and they're moving the football with charlie brown. this is crazy. the republicans don't work with the democrats. they did not work with bush. we went to war. but the democrats voted to go to war, too. the country is at 122 trillion dollars of unfunded debt. $885 billion in medicaid, social security its 16 billion. $100 trillion in the debt. we only bring into $0.40 trillion in gross revenue -- $2.4 trillion. we need to get together as a people. i agree with the lady who called the last time to say that the president is being insulted. i've been called a racist because i don't want to see a government that lives outside its means and i don't want to see the country spending my daughter's future away. host: on twitter -- a few other headlines this morning -- rand paul, the kentucky senator, has gotten some good headlines from his filibuster on the senate floor. here it is from the baltimore sun, the lead editorial this morning -- also, this from the "washingto
Mar 8, 2013 3:00am PST
and some republicans, rand paul con doubling a filibuster and then you have john mccain and lindsey graham who says he is wasting his time and just scaring the american people. some republicans are happy to sit down and break bread with president obama while other republicans say they and he are just wasting their time. nothing i like better than watching republicans eat each other alive. the dow three days in a row for a new record high. and we'll get the jobs numbers for february. north korea, after that lobbed that last -- set off that last nuclear attack united nations sanctions on north korea yesterday. all of that and a lot more here on current tv. billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to save them. woolite everyday cleans your jeans and won't torture your tanks. woolite washed clothes look like new, longer. alright, in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some
FOX News
Mar 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
, senator rand paul firing back after john mccain takes to the senate floor and calls the filibuster a political stunt. >> when i asked the president can you kill an american on american soil, it should have been an easy answer. i will speak today until the president responds and says, no, we won't kill americans in cafes. enough is enough, mr. president, come clean, come forward and say you will not kill americans on american soil. >> drone strike program is under the department of defense, when the cia says they're not going to kill you in america, they're not saying the defense department won't. so, eric holder sent a response, the attorney general, and his response says haven't killed anyone yet. i don't intend to kill anyone, but i might. >> in eric holder's response, the attorney general's response to me, they maintain they're not going to do this, just trust us. it's not really about them, though. it's about the law. so when we asked the president, can you kill americans on american soil with your drone strikes, which is part of the military, it it should be an easy answer. >>
Mar 7, 2013 1:00pm PST
what won? rand paul or john mccain? who are you, who, who, who >> if you're sitting in a cafe and somebody thinks you e-mailed your cousin in the middle east -- >> to say we would hit them in a cafe with a hell fire missile. president obama started this. president obama is expanding this. >> as much as i disagree with president obama, i think you have been responsible in the use of the drone program. >> no one will ever forget jane fonda. >> the use of jane fonda's name does evoke certain memories with me. >> that's one thing if you want to try her for treason, but are you going to just drop a drone hell fire missile on jane fonda. >> to somehow allege or infer that the president of the united states is going to kill somebody like jane fonda is, frankly, ridiculous. >> there are some limits to filibustering, and i'm going to have to go take care of one of those in a few minutes here. ♪ i really want to know ♪ who are you, who, who, who ♪ who are you, who, who, who >> it is a very busy day in washington. john brennan, as i just said, has been confirmed to be the next head
Mar 3, 2013 6:00pm EST
authorities. >> the senator and i were smiling through this. it was john mccain and joe lieberman who were doing this and smiling through it. >> getting me to what i wanted asked about, we have seen pricing legislation start to show up. even though it would not technically go to your committee it touches on every issue before your committee. is there any chance of a passage of legislation that seems remote right now? do you want the majority leader to bring the boxer sanders bill or some other mechanism to the floor? is it time for the senate to have another floor debate? >> first of all, the majority leader indicated in his first or second press conference after the election that we have got to do something on climate change. he has already signaled that this is a priority for him. what was useful about the president's comments in the state of the union is that only the congress has the tools to deal with the added challenge presented by climate change, where you have got to figure out a way to drive down emissions. in effect it was put in the congressman's lap. i think that people were s
Mar 3, 2013 4:30pm PST
the party out and into the promised land and lindsey graham and john mccain. they're just the guys to do it. so old versus young. a little bit more moderate versus less moderate. the chris: who is more moderate? >> mccain and graham are more moderate. of the two, mccain is more moderate than lindsay. chris: the cuban american guy, if you will, from his background is tougher on immigrants. >> cubans get in for free. chris: when we come back, the big question of the week, has president obama put himself at political risk if the big cuts do not chris: welcome back, this week's big question, has president obama played the sequester politics shortly, dan rather? >> yes, he runs the risk of coming out on the short end. you can't say the sky is falling, the sky is falling, and the sky is falling and if the sky doesn't fall, you're at a disadvantage. >> katty. >> the polls, people are just not engaged and interested in the story and worried about the fiscal cliff. a number of people who know what the sequester is who have heard of it are very small. the president is saying the sky is falling and th
Mar 9, 2013 2:00am PST
it loud. so when john mccain blasted rand paul the other day for, quotes, stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms, i thought back to myself when i was up in one of those college dorms, holy cross in worcester, by the way, where people are up to 10 inches in snow. debates are great. debates in college dorms are where it all begins. what burns in the country, keeps us hot with ideas, keeps us giving a damn about our ideas. so i may not have the attitude of a rand paul but i worship his right to have it. i would never put down that attitude simply because i think there's a bit of right-wing paranoia touch in that guy. why? perhaps because somewhere there are some people arguing about it and i say thank god for that. cynthia tucker and ron reagan is a radio talk show host. ron, i always trust what you think your heart and brain a altogeth altogether. they're putting down rand paul because he isn't one of them and because he dared to question the use of military power, in this case against individual citizens. where are you, a man on the left of t
FOX Business
Mar 8, 2013 10:00pm EST
loves to be in the center if somebody. lou: attention? not political if the filibuster is news john mccain got angry. issues have been done with benghazi and other issues and finally it was done and he should not have been insulting. lou: rand paul blew up twitter last night, ted cruise stand with him a democrat of oregon as well. what is the reaction to mccain and lindsay gramm and dianne feinstein attacking senator crews and grand paul? >> we love ted occurs we are proud of him as a freshman senator from texas. if you watch this rate the tear -- attorney-general holder he brings people to them that one negative to their knees. john mccain is uncomfortable not to get his attention. reinstall showed people what could be done. he knew from the beginning he would be confirmed but he is getting results from the people of the left and right. lou: we will come back with the "a team" what is going on politically? is the republican parties splitting? is this a rupture? are lindsay and mccain are lindsay and mccain doing exactly ♪ lou: we're back with the a-team. i want to turn to ed rollins. ed
FOX News
Mar 3, 2013 8:00pm PST
had defeated john mccain in the race to succeed george bush. during the transition, incoming chief of staff rahm emanuel mapped out a governing strategy. >> you never want a serious crisis to go to waste, what i mean by that, an opportunity to do things you could not do before. >> do you remember when rahm emanuel said in 2008 never let a crisis go to waste. >> absolutely. >> john: what do you think? >> cynical. >> at the time he ran a plastics company in wisconsin. >> of course, they didn't let a crisis go to waste. >> when the town is burning, you don't check the party labels. everybody needs to grab a hose. >> his first month in office president obama invoked the economic crisis to ram through an 800 billion dollars stimulus bill, but there was a growing fear among some voters that america couldn't afford this new a trillion here, a trillion there attitude in washington. house republicans heard them. not a single one voted for the bill. it was a lesson for the g.o.p. in the era of obama, says georgia congressman, republican tom price. >> that was a big moment for the g.o.p.? >>
FOX Business
Mar 7, 2013 7:00pm EST
is happening in washington. we are watching. tubal senators and lindsay gramm and john mccain insulting a group of senators standing up for civil liberties. have a party that said they will do everything in regular word that suddenly is starting to look questionable because they're all going to dinner with the president's or having lunch with him. what is the deal? >> i think what you have at the core is all of the problems and questions in washington have tough answers now. the place is broke. it is out of money. it is overspent come over committed, and that is all well known. now it is time you're going to have to start to fix this thing, and you need to fix it before the markets as we all want any more money. all the answers are tough, so people get testier. that type of of this year, but really what needs to replace his joe biden insisted down and start talking with people on an everyday basis. how are we going to work away through this. lou: you're just trying to scare people in the compliance. >> no. i am seeing the road forward is really sitting down at a bunch of different parks. we hav
FOX News
Mar 9, 2013 1:00am PST
's stance weird and crazy. but what's surprising is that two g.o.p. senators lindsey graham and john mccain launched their own drone strike against paul. >> we have done, i think, a disservice to a lot of americans by making them believe that somehow they are in danger from their government. they are not. i don't think what happened yesterday is helpful to the american people. what we saw yesterday is going to give ammunition to those critics who say that the rules of the senate are being abused. i hope that my colleagues on this side of the aisle will take that into consideration. >> to take this debate into the absurd is what i object to. >> laura: now, don't get me wrong. they have the right to disagree with paul and the majority of g.o.p. senators who stood with him. but, given that the filibuster lasted 13 hours, why didn't either of them have the moxxy to debate their colleague face to face on the senate floor? what were they afraid of? presumably they could have done so either before or after their dinner with the president. were they jealous that a junior senator dominated the headl
Mar 6, 2013 10:00pm PST
secretaries. but they did chat. you saw john mccain. he came out and talked about the meeting very briefly. he said it was a fine meeting, he expected more meetings. you had mike yohanz out of they be -- nebraska saying he felt more optimistic. he also said he was not in the election, everybody has to have skin in the game if a grand bargain is to be reached. this was a meeting described to me as wide ranging but primarily focused on these fiscal issues around medicare, around chained cpi, around what the president is actually willing to do to reach a grand bargain. a lot of the folks, or at least two or three of the folks that were in that meeting, were actually part of the senate discussions in 2011 around a grand bargain, and they had reached a grand bargain agreement that was in many ways grander than what was almost reached in the house. so i think those sorts of people, like sassy chambliss, like michael yohan up for reelection could be part of this congress we hear so often out of the white house. >> senator lindsey graham, senator john mccain, senator crambliss, senator tom co burn, se
Mar 8, 2013 3:00am PST
screen. that is an awkward moment in the senate elevator between john mccain in the back there, rand paul in the foreground. if you go online of "the new york times," there's a forebox that shows the progression of how that run-in took place. why is that awkward? because senator rand paul's filibuster a couple nights ago may have done more to expose rifts. the kentucky republican's nearly 13-hour stand on the senate floor was praised in a wide range of political circles from peace activist to the tea party. but some fellow republicans including senator john mccain and lindsey graham are slamming his public protest. and members of their own party who joined him. >> the country needs more senators who care about liberty. but if mr. paul wants to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college remember dos. dorms. he needs to know what he's talking about. >> to my republican colleagues, i don't remember any of you coming down here suggesting that president bush was going to kill anybody with a drone. you know. i
Mar 7, 2013 8:00am PST
positivivities as we look at the dinner that we saw last night, and again thumbs up, we saw john mccain with thumbs-up there, the white house statement saying the president greatly enjoyed the dinner, and had a good exchange of ideas with the senators. more of senator tom coburn on "morning joe." >> you can't hold something with a boot on their neck and say i want to talk to you at the same time you're undermining their own position. >> is that a great analogy, a great way to visit americaview ? the right has been begging to have a better personal connection with the president. does this help foster that? >> well, i think he's starting in the right place. the senators on the republican side, going into the rank-and-file, saying we need to figure out how to make a deal. the top-down, we've seen that fail on the house side with speaker boehner. now you have a situation where the president is going back to his former colleagues, some of them new, saying we can work together, unlike the republican majority on the house side, you have people who are elected by the state, and therefore they'r
Mar 8, 2013 1:00pm PST
. thanks very much for that report. >>> a bizarre rift within the republican party. senator john mccain calling some of his republican colleagues -- and i'm quoting now, wacko birds. how bad is it? i'll ask newt gingrich in our next hour. >>> first, a really bad week for justin bieber ends with a confrontation and a hospital stay. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. ♪ engineered to take on the most thrilling curves no matter where they are. the lexus is performance line. real performance demands real precision. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 but there is one source with a wealth of etf knowledge tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 all in one place. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 introducing schwab etf onesource™. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 it's one source with the most commission-free etfs. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 one source with etfs from leading providers tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and extensive coverage of major asset classes... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 all brought to you by one firm tdd#: 1-800-345
Mar 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
again. so what's on the schedule for senators john mccain and lindsey graham? reaffirming that they're going to block john brennan from running the c.i.a. just so they can talk about benghazi some more and ask questions that they've already got answered so maybe the tea party back home will like them. meanwhile, the senate intelligence committee just approved brennan's nomination, the c.i.a. needs leadership and just a reminder, the questions about benghazi have nothing at all to do with john brennan. senator mccain, senator graham, just so you know, the world is moving on without you. >>> background checks are now squarely in the forefront. the push for university background checks has emerged as a centerpiece of president obama and the democrat's efforts to enact meaningful gun reform both because it is seen as having the best chance of passing both chambers of congress and because it meets the criteria of being common sense. however, common sense has been known to struggle in the hallowed halls of this congress. right now, the fate of the universal background check legislation ma
Mar 7, 2013 10:00am EST
had dinner work i started to lose count, there were so many of them there, john mccain, lindsay graham, richard berg, john holdman, you see tom coburn, ron johnson of wisconsin, this is a collection of people that many did not expect to ever have a chance to really sit with the president but they all went over to the jefferson hotel, a very nice establishment just a few blocks over from the white house and had a -- what we're told, the early reports, was a productive din . there are reports the president has invited house budget committee chairman paul ryan to the white house to continue outreach to the republicans. apparently a new, renewed eagerness in the white house to get some kind of grander compromising or or -- orchestrated and perhaps approved late they are year regarding fiscal matters, regarding entitlement reform, tax reform, maybe changes to sequestration and making sure that the budget act gets passed in the coming months. >> and one other congressional issue, the house passed a continuing resolution last night, or yesterday. guest: they did. that now comes to the senate
Mar 9, 2013 9:00am PST
weren't behind the filibuster, notably john mccain. he took the senate floor to publicly chastise rand paul for this. how is this playing out within the party as a whole? >> we're seeing this big divide among republicans. you remember back in the bush era only six republicans in the house actually voted against the iraq war. i think if you had a similar kind of war now, there's a bigger wing of the republican party that is very antiwar, more libertarian, more isolationist, but john mccain and lindsey graham are on the other side. they want to intervene more abroad and what we're seeing here is this was like the biggest example yet of the big divide and the party between the rand paul part and the john mccain lindsey graham faction. you're going to see more of that happen as you move toward 2016. >> look at your latest perry on politics, the title of your article, why obama's new charm offensive could work. thursday lunch, tell me do you think this is going to work? >> this could work. and here's why. on the budget deficit, there's a group of republicans, bob corker of tennessee, lindse
Mar 7, 2013 11:00am PST
's a no that is the answer to the question. you have republicans coming out like john mccain, blasting rand paul's behavior and quite frankly his argument. here he was. >> to somehow allege or infer that the president of the united states is going to kill somebody like jane fonda or someone who disagrees with the policies is a stretch of imagination which is frankly ridiculous. ridiculo ridiculous. so i don't disagree that we need more debate and more discussion and frankly probably more legislation. to make sure that america does protect the rights of our citizens and make sure at the same time that if someone is an enemy combatant, that enemy has nowhere to hide. not in a cafe, not anywhere. >> that was senator mccain and lindsey graham attacking rand paul. this launched a fiery debate on drones in the u.s. we want to bring in our analyst, gloria borger, we talked extensively. what was that last summer here on the president's secret drone program and kill list. i want to begin with you here. senator paul said president obama talking to dana on the same page with him and now we see the answer and have thi
FOX News
Mar 7, 2013 10:00am PST
that. now, you see today that republicans like lindsey graham and john mccain are making rand paul pay the price for what happened. >> megyn: they are not happy at all. they think his behavior was offensive and insulting and raising an issue they don't think is a real one and demeans the presidency by suggesting that he would at random kill americans sitting in a cafe. >> and i might submit that that's the reason rand paul was where he was last night and why senator graham was where he was last night dining with the president. you don't get access, don't get influence, don't get to be part of the discussion behind closed doors in washington d.c. making a stink, being the skunk at the garden party, like rand paul did. however, rand paul can count this on his side. the american people didn't like washington and didn't like cut out of the process that this new brand of populous libertarian style of populace in the republican party may have currency and may make him a contending for 2016. >> megyn: you look out the window behind you and literally we're expecting to see the pigs fly. what h
Mar 8, 2013 11:00am PST
's serious but joking language. meaning john mccain is not holding back. >> it shows the divide in republican party where you see the libertarian minded folks like rand paul and his father when he was running for president in 2008 and 2012, versus some of the oldest hawks on defense and national security represented by john mccain. tamron, a reason why this week could be very interesting if rand paul decides to make a bid for the presidency in 2016 and i know it's a very long time until then, you will continue to see this type of divide and these fights within the republican party. being a hawk on national security and defense or do you take the path that rand paul ended up taking with the filibuster on drones? >> there's a photograph in "the new york times" with john mccain and rand paul on the elevator ride after the blisters words of john mccain directed at rand paul. no warmth in that photograph to say the least but this is about several of these men who are looking at 2016 peeling away from the crowd and whatever way they can, mark. >> yeah. i mean, we have seen over the last three month
Mar 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
. a lot of people are stunned by it, including my first guest, senator john mccain who is making news right here about it. senator, welcome to you. >> thank you, piers, good to be back. >> you're all over the news again today, predominantly involving osama bin laden's son-in-law, sulaiman abu ghaith, you're not happy at all that he's been tried in a criminal court. why is that? >> i believe he's an enemy combatant and according to the rules of war, he should be tried as such and he should be in guantanamo. and one of the questions that should be asked, if that is not the case, and clearly it's not, how soon was he given his miranda rights, and if he has been, his good lawyers will tell him not to talk. we need intelligence. >> you said in your statement you issued this afternoon that you believe the american people did not want him to be tried in an american civilian criminal court. but i interviewed jim richards last night, a new york former fire chief, whose own son died on 9/11. and he said this. >> these people played politics, the republicans and democrats, with the trials of the
Mar 8, 2013 9:00pm PST
hopefully very volatile reaction back. >> i first knew john mccain in the house, he was a maverick. in the senate for years, he was a maverick. of everybody i know in the senate, i don't know anybody who had a better role of marching to his own drummer, but it doesn't hurt ted cruz and it doesn't hurt rand paul. it hurts john mccain. >> so the allegation is you're a bit of an old fuddy-duddy now, and the old maverick john mccain would have supported rand paul. >> well, you know, i am always intrigued by the fact that when i disagree with my own party leadership, like saying that donald rumsfeld ought to resign, we need to do the surge, then i'm a brave maverick. when i'm taking on others, then he's just an angry old man. i'll always do what i think is right. i think i understand national security. i have been involved in it in one way or another since i was 17, and i believe that the priorities that we were just talking about are the ones we should be spending 13 hours on. why isn't the united states of america helping the syrians who are being massacred as we speak? and the millio
Mar 9, 2013 12:00am PST
machetes. a lot of people are stunned by it, including my first guest, senator john mccain who is making news right here about it. senator, welcome to you. >> thank you, piers, good to be back. >> you're all over the news again today, predominantly involving osama bin laden's son-in-law, sulaiman abu ghaith, you' nhapyt l atof1 rulearhehod tedo 1 been gd wys llelof1 we need intelligence. >> you said in your statement you issued this afternoon that you believe the american people did not want him to be tried in an american civilian criminal court. but i interviewed jim richards last night, a new york former fire chief, whose own son died on 9/11. and he said this. >> these people played politics, the republicans and democrats, with the trials of these men. it's wrong. they should be brought to trial. 254 men have been tried in federal court, and it's gone well. now they try to play politics with this. and we have been held up. we're in pretrial motions with khalid shaikh mohammed. let's get them to new york city. that's where they should be, in new york city. >> what do you say to him, s
Mar 8, 2013 6:00am PST
limbaughs, but also the backlash he got from john mccain and lindsey graham, who said this isn't the type of position on national security our party should be taking. >> on the democratic side, we saw joe biden's schedule. seems to touch on all the groups you would need to touch on to come through a democratic primary. but this far out, we're in march of 2013, it seems to me that it's hillary, and that decision, and that's it. from the aides i've talked to, if she wants it, it's hers. no one can challenge her at this point. there's no barack obama coming around. >> that's why we'll probably not get an answer from her for a couple of years, which is why all the activity that we're seeing is happening on the republican side. not only was rand paul making waves, jeb bush. we saw marco rubio taking center stage giving his state of the union response to president obama. all these republicans seem to be doing little different things to at least dip their toes in the 2016 waters to prepare themself for something still three years away. >> the pressure on hillary is unbelievable. lastly, carl lev
FOX News
Mar 8, 2013 4:00pm PST
no mistake. ' today on "studio b" senator john mccain said it was ludicrous for senator paul to even ask the question. >> no one is is going to be struck by a hell fire missile from a drone that is not in enemy combatant. i mean, that's just a fact. by the way the reason why we use hell fire missiles overseas and places like yemen is because we don't have the ability to capture them. we want to capture these people not kill them. >> it's an important question. it's sad that it came to this that we had to use pressure to get him to admit this. it's still a big victory for the people who said you know what? in america you do get a trial. senator paul says that senator mccain and lindsey graham on south carolina are on the wrong side of history. chuck hagel touched down in afghanistan for the first time since becomes pentagon chief. flew into kabul unannounced. he wanted to meet with commanders on the ground to better understand what's going on there. there are plenty of challenges ahead as nato hands over security to the afghans. he warned that america is still at war. focused on the missi
FOX Business
Mar 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
and from libertarians but against established republicans like john mccain and lindsey graham. we have former president george to be bush advisor. this is heavy-duty he takes a much criticism. >> is mr. poole was to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than full political stunts to fire up pressure of libertarian kids of the college dorm. gerri: come on. this is a surprising ran paul would object to the use of drums by the government. is this a serious political statement or stunt? >> i think he's a comparable we're so used to politicians and not for the state's people to stand up and now is there to mavericks' in washington? [laughter] gerri: there is a conflagration between the rotarians and old-fashioned republicans, a country club republicans loggerhead can they come together? >> we need to to win but senator paul also has yet to crisis. republican not there is no two-party committed don't run as individuals, a new centralized leadership, so they played the card of republican. gerri: comeeon. here is what john mccain said to the huffington post. he called them what go birds. >>
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